So Nice

Category : Commercial

Really proud of this one as it really was about turning a small project into something bigger. The first idea was pure graphic fun echoing the psychedelic t-shirt art of the 60s and it’s back to the land values. The client appreciated the look but ultimately turned it down. (Don’t worry, in the spirit of recycling I used it later for a pro bono piece.) I was inspired by an old Jaoa Gilberto song called So Nice (Summer Samba). The song kept playing in my head while working when it hit me. Drinking organic soy milk and living a conscious life are about imagining a better world for you and the world around you. The song kept playing in my mind and the muse in my head started dreaming about other things in her life that would be So Nice. Shared ideals offered a rich territory to play in once this idea was cracked. Imagine a farmer’s market every day of the week. That would be So Nice.

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